Your First Orthodontic Visit

Welcome to Shiney Smiles Orthodontics! There’s a lot of thought and research that goes into deciding on orthodontic treatment, and we take your trust in us seriously. Our team is so excited to help you achieve a healthy, confident smile! Every orthodontic journey begins with an initial consultation, and we consider this to be one of the most important visits you’ll have with us. If you’re not familiar with orthodontics, you may not be sure what to expect from this appointment and the ones that follow. You might be feeling a little nervous about what’s ahead, but don’t worry—we’re here to keep things as exciting and stress-free as possible. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how our complimentary consultations work. 

You’re on your way to a winning smile

After saying hello, we’ll take a look at your medical and dental history before getting a few digital photographs of your teeth. To get a better idea of your specific needs, we’ll also do a diagnostic panoramic x-ray. This lets us get a clear look at your teeth, jaw, and anything that’s happening beneath the surface of your gums.  

Following this, you’ll be introduced to Dr. Sheinis! He’ll perform a thorough oral examination, and may also ask you a few questions, like if you’ve been having any issues with chewing, swallowing, or opening and closing your mouth. Your diagnostic records give Dr. Sheinis what he needs to make an initial diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan for you. These typically include the results of your exam, your dental history, and the digital images we collect. 

There’s quite a bit for us to go over during this first visit, so you should plan to spend about an hour with us. We never want our patients to feel as though we’re rushing them, so this gives us plenty of time to go over all the important stuff with you, including:

  • any questions or concerns you have about your smile
  • if treatment is needed immediately or if waiting is the best course of action
  • what treatment options would best serve your smile
  • an estimate of how long we expect your treatment to take
  • the total investment required for your new smile
  • any payment or financing options we have available to you

We don’t do cookie-cutter treatment here at Shiney Smiles Orthodontics! Our team is proud to offer personalized care to our patients, taking their unique needs and lifestyle into consideration. This approach allows us to consistently produce exceptional results our patients love!

What happens once the consultation is complete?

Once you’ve talked things over and decided on a treatment plan with Dr. Sheinis, we’ll schedule an appointment for you to come in and have your appliance fitted or placed. Depending on your treatment plan, you can expect to have follow-up visits with us every 4-8 weeks or so. During these visits, we’ll check the movement of your teeth, ensure things are proceeding as they should be, and adjust your braces if necessary.

These appointments are an essential part of every orthodontic journey, and we encourage you not to miss any if you can help it! We also understand that there may be times you’re running late or can’t make it for some reason. We simply ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule you for another date.

We encourage you to continue seeing your regular dentist for check-ups and cleanings throughout the treatment process. If you need any additional dental care during this time, we’ll be happy to coordinate with your dentist to ensure your smile gets the care it needs!

Investing in a straighter, healthier smile

We believe in providing high-quality orthodontic care for every budget, and offer a variety of affordable treatment options for patients of all ages. The total cost of treatment will vary from case to case as each patient has unique needs and goals, but you never have to worry about hidden costs here at Shiney Smiles Orthodontics! We’ll outline all the fees associated with your treatment during your consultation, and ensure you understand each one before moving forward with the next step. We also have a variety of payment options to meet your needs, including:

  • most major credit cards
  • payment by check, cash, or credit card
  • automatic Check and Savings withdrawal
  • in-office financing with no interest
  • automatic monthly credit or debit card processing
  • medical savings account
  • flexible spending account
  • full payment discount

We also work with a large number of insurance plans, and will be happy to help you maximize your coverage! 

Trust your smile to the experts at Shiney Smiles Orthodontics

Your smile is too important to trust to anything less than an expert, and your smile will be in the best hands with Dr. Sheinis! For years he has worked hard with our talented team to achieve beautiful, confident smiles for patients of all ages in Huntington, Woodbury, and the surrounding communities. We’re committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment where you can achieve the healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

The core values at Shiney Smiles Orthodontics are clear: we offer exceptional customer service, the highest standards, a positive and professional team, and a happy smile! As part of that, and in light of the current pandemic, Dr. Sheinis is now offering virtual consultations. That means you can take the first step towards improved oral health without ever leaving home! If you haven’t already scheduled your complimentary consultation, get in touch today and we can set one up for you virtually or in the office.