InBrace Smartwire

InBrace is a great cosmetic option for straightening your teeth. It sits discreetly behind your teeth so no one will know it’s there except for you.  


inbrace lingual braces

About InBrace

InBrace’s Smartwire system is personalized for your mouth and designed to move teeth quickly, healthy and completely under the radar.


How it Works

Dr. Sheinis will take a digital scan of your teeth and use AI software to create your custom Smartwire. He will then apply it to the back of your teeth in about six weeks.

Advantages of InBrace

  • It’s truly invisible to the rest of the world
  • No fuss, it stays in your mouth and continuously moves your teeth into place
  • No forgetting, don’t worry about putting aligners back in after meals or worse, losing them
  • Easy cleaning, brush and floss like you normally would
  • Enjoy your smile now, no hiding or waiting until you finish treatment to flash that grin

Ask Dr. Sheinis to see if you’re a good candidate for InBrace.