Tips For Having the Best Summer With Braces

Summer is the season of fun, relaxation, and adventure. Whether you’re hitting the beach, going on vacation, or just enjoying some well-deserved downtime, you want to make the most of it. But what if you’re in the midst of orthodontic treatment with braces? No worries! At Shiney Smiles Orthodontics, we believe braces shouldn’t hold you back from having an amazing summer. With a little preparation and care, you can enjoy all the summer fun while keeping your treatment on track. Here are our top tips for having the best summer with braces.

Keep Your Braces Clean and Shiny

Nothing ruins a summer selfie like stained or dull braces. To keep your smile looking its best, it’s essential to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Brush thoroughly after every meal, floss daily, and use an antimicrobial mouthwash to remove any lingering food particles or plaque. Don’t forget to brush your tongue, too! Proper cleaning will help prevent discoloration and keep your braces sparkling all summer long.

Be Mindful of Your Food Choices

Summer is full of tempting treats, from ice cream to corn on the cob. While you don’t have to deprive yourself entirely, be mindful of foods that could damage your braces. Steer clear of sticky, chewy, or hard foods that could dislodge brackets or break wires. Instead, opt for soft, braces-friendly options like smoothies, yogurt, and fresh fruits and veggies. And remember, if it’s hard to bite into, it’s probably best to avoid it.

Pack Your Braces Survival Kit

Whether you’re headed to the beach or embarking on a road trip, it’s always a good idea to have a braces survival kit on hand. Pack a travel-sized toothbrush, floss, wax for irritated spots, and an over-the-counter pain reliever in case of discomfort. You may also want to include a small mirror for checking your braces and a braces-friendly snack like cheese or nuts.

Stay Hydrated and Protect Your Lips

Staying hydrated is crucial during the hot summer months, but you should be mindful of your braces, too. Sipping sugary beverages like soda or juice can increase your risk of cavities and staining. Instead, opt for water, milk, or braces-friendly drinks like unsweetened tea or diluted fruit juices. Don’t forget to protect your lips from getting irritated by regularly applying a lip balm or moisturizer.

Tips For Having the Best Summer With Braces

Enjoy Summer Activities with Caution

Summer is the perfect time to get active and enjoy outdoor activities. While you can still participate in most sports and activities with braces, it’s essential to take precautions to protect your appliances and mouth. Wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports or engaging in activities with a high risk of impact. Avoid activities that could potentially damage your braces, such as rock climbing or extreme sports.

Keep Your Appointments

It can be tempting to skip or reschedule orthodontic appointments during the busy summer months but keep your treatment on track. Missed appointments can prolong your treatment time and may even lead to complications. At Shiney Smiles Orthodontics, we understand summer can be hectic, so we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your plans. Remember, the sooner you complete your treatment, the sooner you can enjoy your beautiful, braces-free smile!

Be Prepared for Emergencies

While rare, orthodontic emergencies can happen, and you should make sure you are prepared. Keep the contact information for Shiney Smiles Orthodontics handy in case you need to reach us for advice or an appointment. If a bracket or wire becomes loose or breaks, try to save the pieces and call our office as soon as possible. In some cases, we may be able to provide temporary relief over the phone until you can come in for an adjustment.

Embrace Your Braces!

Last but not least, don’t be shy about your braces this summer! Embrace your smile and let your confidence shine through. Braces are a temporary journey towards a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles. Share your progress on social media, rock your braces with pride, and remember that in no time, you’ll be showing off your amazing new smile to the world.

Tips For Having the Best Summer With Braces

Show Off Your Best Smile This Summer

At Shiney Smiles Orthodontics in Woodbury and Huntington, we’re committed to helping you achieve your best smile while ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout your treatment. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having an unforgettable summer, braces and all! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. Here’s to a summer filled with smiles, laughter, and making memories that will last a lifetime!