Love Unconditionally

This is the MOST important of all the things I have learned.

A child, from the day they are born, mirrors what they see and hear.  Loving your child unconditionally helps them learn acceptance and self-love.

With each generation come differences, a way to separate and claim identity.

It shouldn’t matter how a child dresses, what color their hair is, how good they are (or aren’t) in sports or school and what their orientation is.  As long as they are not causing harm to another, by how they choose to set themselves apart from others, it should make no difference…Love your children, that’s the bottom line.



Forgive easily. This is another priceless gift to teach your children…the gift of self-forgiveness.

Children can sometimes say the most hurtful things.

There will be many times things are said, which won’t be meant. The pressures and stresses in their lives can be too much for their “not yet fully developed” brains. They will argue they are mature, and at 18 they are “adults”; but truth be told, parts of their brain do not fully mature until well into their late 20’s. Sometimes letting them get their emotions out, without judgement, can help release and decrease their stressors. It is these times that actually bring you closer together.



For countless reasons, from the day they are born, exercise patience!

Patience is an act of love.


Make Memories

Oh my goodness how time flies….

Do things with your children. Make memories for the family. I promise you will thank yourself!

The house can stay dirty for one more day. The laundry can sit in the hamper, or floor, one more day, and the yard can be weeded or mowed tomorrow.  They will ask if you can do something with them…say YES!! Let them count on you, let them laugh with you….let them have a memory.

Soon enough they will grow older and not be as interested …or worse yet, if you keep saying “I’m busy now”, they will stop asking.   As hard as it may be, and believe me it can be hard at times given all our responsibilities, choose spending time with the kids.


Practice Self-Love and Self-Care (This one can be the hardest)

For us to be the best possible people we can be for our children, we must take care of ourselves.

Be kind to YOU, Forgive yourself easily, and as important as it is to spend time with the kids, it is equally as important to take time for yourself.

We are the hardest on ourselves. At one time or another, we all wish we might have done things differently in regards to childrearing.  We also all run around like lunatics shuffling our children, our jobs and our responsibilities. Be gentle and kind to yourself. All the things we have done, even those we don’t approve of very much, have been lessons. They make us who we are, they help us become better if we let them, and they teach us in many positive ways.

Take time for yourself, even if you only have 5 minutes that particular day. Take the time to go out in the sun, walk barefoot, smell a flower…and breathe.  Make time for yourself to do something you love. Unwind, relax and refresh. This is an absolute gift to give to yourself and your children. For when you have recharged yourself, you give yourself the ability to be much more loving, forgiving and patient, as a person and as a parent.