Your Thanksgiving is over and you are brushing your teeth in front of the mirror.  You may want to do a quick “brush and go”, but don’t! It is extremely important that you remember to floss in-between your teeth.

Do you see the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie in your braces? How about between your teeth? If left there, they play an important role in tooth decay. Brushing in small, gentle circular movements with a soft toothbrush take away the food and bacteria around the gums. In the same manner, brushing softly around the edges of your braces does the same and for the same purpose. If you don’t brush around your braces, decalcification or white spots can form on your teeth, around the braces edges. These are permanent spots, so please brush carefully.

Flossing gets those food and bacteria laden spots that the toothbrush misses. The spots on your gums where your teeth tightly meet. If the food and bacteria are left there, they eat at the enamel of your teeth. Soft spots form and decay sets in. When you wear braces, it is hard to floss. This is where special “floss threaders” come into play, making flossing an easier process.

To help strengthen your teeth, while you are in braces we also recommend a fluoride rinse. Use it in the morning, after brushing and at night after your last meal. The rinse helps keep the “white spots” from forming around the brackets. and covers your teeth in a fluoride bath. This makes for very happy teeth!

Your smile is the first thing most people see. It is your best “business card”. Smiling can light up your face as well as the faces of others. So after working so hard to keep those teeth healthy and clean, don’t forget to SMILE!