Orthodontics runs in my family. My Dad was an orthodontist in Glen Cove and my Brother is an orthodontist in N.Y.C. I grew up in the lab, helping my Father with anything I could. I mingled with the patients and their families. Our home was the office, so the office was my home. It is only natural for me to be in this business.

Being able to “tinker” in the lab, played right into my love for creating and dismantling. Whether it was mixing stone, sorting wire, bending wire or helping make retainers…any and everything grabbed my interest. And if the compressor happened to just up and stop, well being able to take that apart and put it together was a real treat for me!

I have my Dad’s personality, and there was nothing more he liked then grabbing a free moment to sit in the waiting room and talk with the parents. He would talk about food, sports, orthodontics, and local “goings-on”. I too, after working on my patients, love to have a seat in the waiting room and catch up on what is new and happening with my families.
My childhood home was my Dad’s office. Because of this, being in my office feels like home. It is not the same space, of course and it is not in my home; but because my childhood home was filled with patients my office being filled with patients brings about that same warm feeling. It is a place I love to be.

In my office you are not a number, you are treated like family. My staff and I take the time to listen and learn. We learn not only about the patients orthodontic needs, but about their likes and dislikes. We take pride in knowing what is happening in their lives and their families lives. We care.

I believe in being my own treatment coordinator. I sit with the family and go over everything that I see that could improve my patient’s smile. I answer any and all questions, and take as much time is needed to help them understand. It is only then that my office Manager, Kelly, goes over the finances with them. We both make sure everyone leaves the office understanding what will be happening and why.

As my patients go through treatment, it is wonderful to see them evolve. To watch them go from someone who barely wants to smile, to someone who smiles broadly and brightly, makes each day we work worthwhile. To see the incredible smiles on the kids and adults alike, when their braces come off is PRICELESS! I love the “Family” we have created.