Orthodontics – You Are Never Too Old


They say “40 is the new 30” and “50 is the new 40”, but are your teeth giving away your age?

Just as the rest of our bodies, our teeth have put up with years of wear and tear. Our molars can bite down with 200 pounds of pressure! Over time, coupled with bone loss, our teeth shift and become crooked or misaligned.

Have you smiled at yourself in the mirror? Do you like what you see? If not, and you are unhappy with how your smile looks, there are many options available to you – especially given the social acceptance of orthodontics at ANY age.

Children’s teeth are younger and more resilient. The options for orthodontics are wide open to them. They can pick from mini metal brackets, porcelain or clear brackets and Invisalign (clear) aligners, to name a few.

Adult orthodontics is treated a bit differently. Adults may suffer from bone loss and many have crowns and bridges on their teeth; Because of these issues, Invisalign aligners work fantastically well on adults. The aligners don’t need to be bonded onto the crowns, they can be designed to keep pressure off of a more vulnerable tooth; and with them almost undetectable when wearing, they make a perfect choice for treatment.

We go to the gym to tone our bodies, take care of our skin and try to eat healthy for the inside of our bodies – Now it’s time for our smiles.

Dr. Sheinis has treated patients well into their 80’s. Come in and see how he can make YOUR smile spectacular!