My name is Blake and it was my first day working as a receptionist at Shiney Smiles Orthodontics and if you’re anything like me you can imagine how nervous I was. Walking into a new setting can be intimidating to an extent. I was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect but I felt more eager than anything else. I took a deep breath and walked inside the office, one foot in front of the other. To my surprise my anxieties immediately were put at ease.

My eyes were instantly drawn to the blue color that covered the office walls. The color blue symbolizes strength, wisdom, loyalty, and trust. It also is known to have a calming effect on the psyche. Going to the orthodontist can be nerve wracking. I had braces myself therefore I understand how important to feel relaxed during the experience. But it wasn’t just the blue walls that made me feel serene and at peace. I was impressed by the camaraderie the staff at Shiney Smiles shared, immediately welcoming me onto their team. I took quick notice to how each staff member treated every patient like they were members of their own family. Something I look for when choosing a new doctor for myself.

I looked at the clock and before I knew it, it was time to close for the day. The last patient walked out smiling big and bright like all the others did before them. There were no tears and no complaints from anyone. Instead, sounds of laughter and satisfactory smiles from patients and staff alike. I was even able to share the excitement with one patient after he was told his braces would be coming off in just four short weeks. At one point I even witnessed Dr. Sheinis singing along to the “Shrek” soundtrack. Possibly the moment I knew I would fit in well.

My first day panned out better than I could ever imagine. It is now one full and impactful week later and I can truthfully say that I arrive and leave every day with a genuine smile on my face. I cannot pinpoint just one reason why I’m proud to call myself a Shiney Smiles employee but an array of reasons. Not bad for a first day…