Humanity. What does that mean to you? In this post-election season, these are important words to think about. The country is divided – red and blue. People are divided – black, white, purple and green and yellow. People fight and hate over religion, skin color and gender preference.  They judge someone by their hair style, whether they have freckles or not and on the size of their body. We try and “keep up with the Jones’ ” and buy the best house, the nicest car, and the biggest diamond.

We seem to have lost sight of what is important – “Humanity.”  All of our people, not just a part of them need to be seen and heard. Wasn’t our country built on diversity? and when our ancestors came over and landed at Ellis Island, were they not part of a beautiful melting pot which we called the “United States?”We blended groups of different people, we lived sided by side. Most of us helped each other and we were proud of who we were. There was not such a divide. Of course there were opulently wealthy, and on the reverse end incredibly poor. But in between these groups was this beautiful group of people, who prided themselves on helping their “neighbor.” The world was a much “simpler” place back then, it seems.

Is it the advent of technology that has hurt us?, Is it the instant gratification of the internet? or could it be the stresses in life that have taken the “we” and made it only the “me?” Whatever the reason, it is time that we unite our divide and come together as one people.

It shouldn’t matter where ever you live and what your title is in life; it shouldn’t matter that your skin color may be different than mine, or that the car you drive is bigger or better than mine. It is incredibly important that we start to turn to our neighbor and ask “how are you?” It is important to see what they need and figure a way to help. “Impossible” things  have just happened. Let’s make some “seemingly” impossible things happen on our own level.