Do Smiles Really Open Doors?

Did you know that a few years ago, in Tokyo, they invented a machine called a “Happiness Counter” that actually reminded people to smile each day? It was even placed on a refrigerator door, so that if you didn’t smile, the refrigerator door would be difficult to open!

What is all this hype about smiles? Can smiles really open doors? Let’s talk about that…but in a different way.

Your smile makes a lasting impression on everyone it comes in contact with. It is the first business card an employer sees; your smile can be extremely impressive on a first date; and that smile of yours lights up a room when you walk in, grabbing people’s attention and even warming their hearts. There is also an added health benefit to smiling; it releases natural endorphins in your body that helps cheer you up!

You dress impeccably, groom yourself to the nines and your hair is picture perfect, but do you openly smile? If the answer is no, it’s time to make YOUR smile spectacular!