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The AAO recommends that every child should be evaluated by an orthodontic specialist by the age of 7. At Shiney Smiles Orthodontics, we offer complimentary exams to ensure your child can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

While a child’s teeth may appear straight, orthodontists can detect if there are any hidden problems such as jaw growth and emerging teeth. Parents should be on the lookout for any potential problems that will benefit their child from an early diagnosis. Some of these signs are difficulty in chewing/biting, speech difficulties, facial imbalance, grinding or clenching of teeth and more. If these signs are indicated, our orthodontist office can provide early treatment. With early treatment, we can help guide jaw growth, correct harmful oral habits, improve the appearance and so much more!

Just because your child may have orthodontic needs, they may not require the treatment immediately. Dr. Sheinis takes a conservative approach to determine when orthodontic treatment is necessary, with the knowledge that some treatment is better initiated early to prevent more significant problems in the future. Call today to learn more!

Just left Shiney Smiles after having my braces removed! Highly recommend this office. Every time I went for an appointment the staff was very welcoming and friendly. If I had any concerns, the doctor was always sure to answer them.

Maddi O.

Fast, easy, and most of all fantastic results! Only one year later and I have a perfect smile.

Jenn L.

I absolutely love this office! Friendly, patient staff, clean environment! Dr. Sheinisalways takes great care of my son.

Stacy B.

My experience was worth the while!!! Dr. Sheinis is just awesome! I am extremely pleased and happy with my smile.

Shanique T.

Amazing staff, excellent service, and magnificent skills in this office! Best office I’ve been to! Highly recommended!!

Emily I.

Dr Sheinis and staff thank you for your great service. I highly recommend them !!

Claudia W.

I love it here!! Everyone is sooo friendly and informative. When I first started my journey to a straight smile I was nervous but excited. The staff at straight set took the nervousness away and made me excited for this new chapter.

Tara N.

Shiney Smiles orthodontics is amazing!!! I appreciated all of the hard work the staff did to make sure I had a beautiful smile at an affordable price. To anyone who is looking for the right orthodontist for themselves or their children, Dr. Sheinis is the only person I would recommend.

Yanell G.

Shiney Smiles orthodontics is the only place I would recommend my friends and family for orthodontics. Dr. Sheinis and his staff make me feel so welcome every time I am there and the fees are extremely reasonable.

Janet D.

I had a great experience here for myself and my family. Dr. Sheinis explained everything very clearly and was very careful to make sure we were comfortable. I will surely recommend him to my friends and family!

Shahnam S.