Animals come in all varied shapes and sizes but regardless of their form they all provide plenty of love and happiness. Imagine having a fluffy companion to welcome you home at the end of a long day or to comfort you when they sense you are anxious or upset. They don’t calls dogs a “Man’s Best Friend” for no reason!

1. WHO RESCUED WHO? Adoption is the quickest way to save a pet from a shelter. According to Helping Hands Humane Society of the estimated 8 million pets that enter a shelter only 4 million of them make it out. Adoption shelters try to make it as easy as possible, almost always providing post-adoption support, making your transition easy as possible. Support includes help with training, recommendations to veterinarians, follow-up veterinary exams, and much more.

2. PETS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. According to numerous scientific studies pets help to treat loneliness, depression, and make public interactions easier for people who have social anxiety. The simple act of petting or brushing an animal is said to elevate levels or serotonin and dopamine which calm and relax you. You’ve heard of a service animal haven’t you?!

3. PETS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH. Many pets will encourage you to get outside and to get moving. Even simple things such as feeding, grooming, and caring for your pet daily will help increase exercise and activity for you and your companion. If your town doesn’t have a local dog park or an outdoor café that’s pet friendly try going online to sites like dogster.com or catster.com!

4. BENEFITS FOR CHILDREN. Children can benefit from playing with their pets which provides a source of calmness and stimulation for the brain and body. It can inspire a child’s imagination and curiosity. For example, a child who trains a pet to learn a new trick is more able to understand the importance of perseverance.

5. COMPANIONS- THEY BRING US TOGETHER! Pets don’t have to be cared for by just one person, in fact, the more love the better. There are more than enough tasks for the whole family to take part in. There is nothing quite like bonding over a new pet, well… besides snuggling with them!

If you have decided owning a pet is for you, CONGRATULATIONS! People who have animals tend to be happier, more independent, and feel more secure than those without pets! Get ready for countless memories and a friendship like you’ve never had before!